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Food Recovery Network x Earth Week

Save big and help feed others! With every order placed on from 4/20 to 4/27 (Earth Week), help families through Food Recovery Network!

How to start a zero waste garden

Learn how to start your own zero waste garden with this helpful guide!

Zero Waste Valentine’s Day celebration

Every day should be a time to be sustainable and less wasteful. Not even February 14, the day of love, should be an exception. Yes, it is almost a cliche that this day is a highly commercialized and devastatingly wasteful holiday. But if you are really determined enough, you can have a Zero Waste Valentine's Day celebration.

On Eco-Friendly Food Products

You are what you eat. If you eat wholesome food, then you will get all the goodness of nature in every bite. That's what eco-friendly food means. Learn how to get eco-friendly food products in this indepth guide.

What A Wasteful World: Stories of Waste

The Zero Waste Lifestyle System asked many prominent writers and travel bloggers on their experiences on waste. Some offered efforts of positive waste management but the majority saw horrifying prevalence of garbage in human life. Nevertheless, all provide their tips on living sustainably in a wasteful world.

Zero Waste Christmas Dinner

If you’re someone striving to promote an environment friendly way of celebrating the season, get inspired to conduct a zero waste holiday that could even lead for you to have one of the most memorable Christmas celebration of your life.

Zero Waste Vacation: 11 Easy Tips

Sustainable practices at home seems daunting; how much more sustainable practices while on vacation? It seems impossible at first look but when you'll never know unless you try. In fact, you will even find yourself enjoying a zero waste vacation.

Zero Waste Stores: Best Around The World!

Want to shop more sustainably? Go to zero waste stores. Learn more about the best zero waste stores around the world!

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Dark Truth about Vegan Leather

Vegan leather is a hot community in the vegan and sustainable living movement. It is said to be better than genuine leather, that comes from slaughtered animals. But before you go buy that chic wallet or jacket made of vegan leather, you need to know some dark truths about this "eco-friendly leather".

Summer Gift Guide 2020

In 2020, let us celebrate summer by showing people that we care. Find items that they can enjoy wherever in this eco-friendly summer gift guide.

Old Line Oysters: Crafting Unforgettable Pieces with Care for Sea Life

Interested to shop sustainably? Get to know Old Line Oysters - the chic brand that helps the Chesapeake Bay to recover its sea life, especially oysters.
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