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Lush Cosmetics Review

Lush, the booming brand in sustainable personal care. Learn more about this cruelty-free and ethical brand here!

What A Wasteful World: Stories of Waste

The Zero Waste Lifestyle System asked many prominent writers and travel bloggers on their experiences on waste. Some offered efforts of positive waste management but the majority saw horrifying prevalence of garbage in human life. Nevertheless, all provide their tips on living sustainably in a wasteful world.

Vegetarianism as a Sustainable Lifestyle – Interview with Kerry McLean Blazek

Learn how to be more sustainable in your lifestyle with Kerry McLean Blazek. This is her "Real Talk" on going meatless and vegetarianism.

Zero Waste Christmas Dinner

If you’re someone striving to promote an environment friendly way of celebrating the season, get inspired to conduct a zero waste holiday that could even lead for you to have one of the most memorable Christmas celebration of your life.

Thrift Shopping: Beginner’s Guide

Now is the perfect time to invest on buying from thrift shops. Getting thrift items means investing more, which will provide your extra long-term mileage. Learn how to get started with thrift shopping now!

Zero Waste Vacation: 11 Easy Tips

Sustainable practices at home seems daunting; how much more sustainable practices while on vacation? It seems impossible at first look but when you'll never know unless you try. In fact, you will even find yourself enjoying a zero waste vacation.

4 Recommended Activities for a Fun-filled, Budget-Friendly Yule Season

The Yule is a time of merriment with friends and friends. Get inspired to enjoy this season with budget-friendly and eco-friendly activities!

Zero Waste Gifts Guide

Get inspired to share the eco-friendly spirit by giving zero waste gifts to people you love.

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Plastic-Free July Challenge: 31 exciting activities to try

July is Plastic-Free month. Get inspired to reduce your plastic consumption by these 31 daily challenges from different bloggers and sustainability experts.

31 Female Changemakers in the Sustainable Living Community

Get inspired to push for social and individual shifts to go zero waste through the brave works of 31 female changemakers in sustainable living
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