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Places to travel for a sustainable travel bucket list

I asked different bloggers about which countries and places to visit for a sustainable travel bucket list. Get inspired with their recommended eco-friendly travel destinations. Find your next vacation here!

How to be a Responsible Pet Parent – Interview with Jen Sotolongo

Get inspired with Jen Sotolongo's sustainable pet parent tips from food to managing pet waste.

Helping victims of calamities: Tales of Environmental Volunteerism – Interview with Volunteer Miguel Angelo Zuasola

Environmental volunteerism seeks to combat plastic waste through packing relief goods in reusable materials. I interviewed one such volunteer, Miguel Angelo Zuasola, about his experience in volunteering in an eco-friendly method. Get inspired by his story of upholding an advocacy for eco-conscious relief operations. Learn how to help others in need and care for the environment at the same time.

Zero Waste Valentine’s Day celebration

Every day should be a time to be sustainable and less wasteful. Not even February 14, the day of love, should be an exception. Yes, it is almost a cliche that this day is a highly commercialized and devastatingly wasteful holiday. But if you are really determined enough, you can have a Zero Waste Valentine's Day celebration.

Warp+Weft Review

Want some denim but not in with fast fashion? Go to Warp+Weft, a sustainable brand of clothes that pioneers selling garments with inexpensive prices, optimum quality, and eco-friendly processes.

Zero Waste 30-day Challenge Giveaway Winners

The giveaway has ended. Cheers to everyone who participated! Check out this post to find if you're one of the winners.

Building a Sustainable Business – Interview with Sarah Britz of Spend With Us

I interviewed Sarah Britz who founded Spend With Us from the tragedy that is the Australian Bushfire Crisis. She talks about her advocacy to help communities and small business owners to recover from the devastation. Get inspired by her eco-friendly lifestyle and learn how to start a sustainable business.

Eco-friendly Habits We can learn from Italians

I interviewed Alessia de Bonis who lives in South Italy to learn how she and Italians go green. She shares tips on being in tune with nature by choosing low-waste activities and places to travel. Get inspired by her story of running an energy-efficient household in a city.

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