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Thrift Shopping: Beginner’s Guide

Now is the perfect time to invest on buying from thrift shops. Getting thrift items means investing more, which will provide your extra long-term mileage. Learn how to get started with thrift shopping now!

Zero Waste Vacation: 11 Easy Tips

Sustainable practices at home seems daunting; how much more sustainable practices while on vacation? It seems impossible at first look but when you'll never know unless you try. In fact, you will even find yourself enjoying a zero waste vacation.

Zero Waste Gifts Guide

Get inspired to share the eco-friendly spirit by giving zero waste gifts to people you love.

Zero Waste Stores: Best Around The World!

Want to shop more sustainably? Go to zero waste stores. Learn more about the best zero waste stores around the world!

The Art of Upcycling

Upcycling is not recycling. It's more related to reusing. But most importantly, it is the art of DIY. Learn more about upcycling here.

Indigenous People Fight for Mother Nature and Their Culture

Three hundred seventy million natives. That five percent of the world’s population just made us see the prowess of environmental participation. Imagine being one with their goals, the world would be a better, clean place to live.

Sustainability Trends That Will Shape the 2020’s

In the past decade, the topic of “sustainability trends” has been a subject of great discussion. As we approach a new decade with our climate in crisis, it becomes more important than ever to keep up with and invest in the latest in sustainability efforts- particularly in the world of business. Learn about the latest sustainability trends here!

Death: What does it mean to die in this world?

Death. As with every aspect of human life, it affects the environment we live in. Even more than we even realize.

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July is Plastic-Free month. Get inspired to reduce your plastic consumption by these 31 daily challenges from different bloggers and sustainability experts.

31 Female Changemakers in the Sustainable Living Community

Get inspired to push for social and individual shifts to go zero waste through the brave works of 31 female changemakers in sustainable living
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