Category: The Dark Truth

18 Hidden Killers in the Modern Home

A home is a haven. But you need to look out for the hidden killers that can catch you at your most vulnerable.

Chemical Cleaners: The Dirt They’re Hiding

Here, we will take a look at the chemicals found in common household cleaners and their possible effects on people and on the environment. We will then discuss safer alternatives to these commercial cleaners as well as ways to find safer ones if they are needed.

Anti-Haul: Things to Avoid This Spring

Learn about the things we should avoid and put in everyone's Anti-Haul list this spring! Buy less and live more sustainably!

Dark Truth about Makeup

Makeup is a tool for beautification but it hides grim implications behind its pretty façade. Here are the dark truths you must know before buying another makeup item.

Dealing with Waste and Drinking Water Crisis in Cuba – Interview with Ayngelina Brogan

The first in the Real Talk on Sustainable Living - an interview series on people who try to live sustainably in their own way. I interviewed Ayngelina Brogan who lives in Cuba to talk about how she and Cubans cope with waste and the lack of potable water. She also shares tips on how to be more sustainable despite uncontrollable circumstances where you live or work in.

Coca-Cola Recycling: Is this True?

Coca-Cola has been named, for three consecutive years, the #1 Plastic Polluter. Here's why you should be wary of Coca-Cola recycling.

Why You Should Never Buy Bottled Water

Buying bottled water is so convenient. But behind this convenience lie many dark truths that will make you think twice about buying another bottle of water.

Indigenous People Fight for Mother Nature and Their Culture

Three hundred seventy million natives. That five percent of the world’s population just made us see the prowess of environmental participation. Imagine being one with their goals, the world would be a better, clean place to live.

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Dark Truth about Vegan Leather

Vegan leather is a hot community in the vegan and sustainable living movement. It is said to be better than genuine leather, that comes from slaughtered animals. But before you go buy that chic wallet or jacket made of vegan leather, you need to know some dark truths about this "eco-friendly leather".

Summer Gift Guide 2020

In 2020, let us celebrate summer by showing people that we care. Find items that they can enjoy wherever in this eco-friendly summer gift guide.

Old Line Oysters: Crafting Unforgettable Pieces with Care for Sea Life

Interested to shop sustainably? Get to know Old Line Oysters - the chic brand that helps the Chesapeake Bay to recover its sea life, especially oysters.
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