Dark Truth about Eating Meat

I asked food industry experts, food bloggers, doctors and other experts about the grim implications of eating meat. Learn from their insights and get inspired to shift to a less meaty or meatless diet.

Planet in Crisis: Water Scarcity

In 2019, 2 billion people live in places affected by water scarcity. Find out which are suffering and how you can help stem the water shortage crisis.

Planet in crisis: Sinking places

The boat is sinking. Or rather, Earth is slowly being swallowed up by the sea. Many suffer from water shortages while other peoples try to cope up with sinking places.

Planet in Crisis: Air Pollution

According to World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 4 million people die each year due to air pollution. Learn how we can cope with this environmental crisis here.

What A Wasteful World: Stories of Waste

The Zero Waste Lifestyle System asked many prominent writers and travel bloggers on their experiences on waste. Some offered efforts of positive waste management but the majority saw horrifying prevalence of garbage in human life. Nevertheless, all provide their tips on living sustainably in a wasteful world.

Climate Change Policies Around the World

Learn about the climate change policies around the world which try to cope with our changing climate. Spread awareness and push for change.


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Zero Waste Gifts Guide

Get inspired to share the eco-friendly spirit by giving zero waste gifts to people you love.

Zero Waste Gifts: Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2020

This Mother's Day, make every purchase you do for Mom be eco-friendly and mom-friendly. Give your mom something that won't harm her and Mother Nature. Get sustainable gifts that she can use and reuse consistently.

Save Money Through Zero Waste: Cleaning Edition

Want to save money? Change the way you clean by going zero waste.

Latest Stories

Phase out single-use plastic!

This is an open letter to the world's top plastic polluters! It's time to change your manufacturing models! Phase out single-use plastics!

Planet In Crisis: Mass Extinction

Extinction is not something we should grow accustomed to. But it is a grave reality. We have now reached the sixth mass extinction of both plans and animals.

Death: What does it mean to die in this world?

Death. As with every aspect of human life, it affects the environment we live in. Even more than we even realize.

Zero Waste Guide to Celebrating All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day

We should honor the people who have died before us by respecting their resting place. In fact, we must go the long mile. Respect them by taking care of the planet they once loved, laughed, cried, and lived in.

How to do a Zero Waste Halloween

Ditch plastics and wastefulness in Halloween. Go back to the simplicity of the season. Remember that you can make this not spooky for the environment, while still enjoying the eerie vibes.

Going Zero Waste? Be A Minimalist

Minimalist living. You might have heard it before. From the Minimalists to Marie Kondo, minimalism has gained traction in popular culture. But do you know that this lifestyle is also a springboard to going zero waste?

Planet in Crisis: Fatal Environmental Activism

nvironmental activism is a noble vocation. This is true, whether you are an individual or in a group effort to help save the planet. However, being active in environmental groups and advocacies can be fatal.

Greenwashing: How Not to Fall For False Promises

Greenwashing has been an effective method for numerous beauty and food industries into thinking that you, as their consumers, are living in an eco-friendly lifestyle. Do not easily get hooked with “all natural” and “sustainable” products and break this illusion by doing a thorough background research on how green are these products.

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July is Plastic-Free month. Get inspired to reduce your plastic consumption by these 31 daily challenges from different bloggers and sustainability experts.

31 Female Changemakers in the Sustainable Living Community

Get inspired to push for social and individual shifts to go zero waste through the brave works of 31 female changemakers in sustainable living
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